Friday, October 16, 2009

Teddy And The Frat Girls-I Wanna Be A Man 12” EP

This experimental Florida band started out playing under the moniker Sheer Smegma around 1980, and released a 7” entitled “Social Suicide”. For reasons understood only by the band, they changed their name to the less offensive “Teddy and the Frat Girls”, and Alternative Tentacles re-released their EP under that name as a 12” record in 1982. I remember when I first got into punk around 1990 Alternative Tentacles still had this record listed in their mail order catalog, and damn do I wish I’d picked up a copy. It’s a wild ride, with repetitive minimalist music and a screechy female vocalist reciting demented and disgusting lyrics. The record hits its peak on the title track, a scathing and humorous denunciation of the male gender in general. As far as I know, this was the band’s only release. I’d really like to see a “Where are they now” report on these characters.

1. Clubnite
3. Alophen Baby
3. I Wanna Be A Man
4. I Owe It To The Girls
5. The Eggman Don't Cometh



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  2. I was the drummer..Josephine Dupont!

    1. hi josephine! what's your email address i'd love to interview you for a fanzine i am writing :)